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We have been approached by someone to help plan the perfect proposal for he and his girlfriend. And we are going with the flash-mob concept!!

A flash-mob is a large group of people who gather at a public location to perform a pre-defined action, typically a brief dance, and disperse rapidly after the event has concluded.

Virgonova is introducing the flash-mob concept to Lagos and we are looking for volunteers to participate in it this month!

Imagine this:

He takes her out for drinks and from nowhere, two people start to dance to a song that has been chosen for the event.

As the song builds, more and more people join in. Everyone from the surrounding tables, people from the streets, etc. As the song gets to the end, he gets down on one knee and asks the question!

We want you to be a part of it!

Doesn’t matter if you don’t consider yourself a dancer. The whole idea is to have as many people as possible dancing, to create a very special moment.

NOTE: We will be REHEARSING the dance and PERFORMING all on the same day. Please be on time.

When: May 26th. 12pm-3pm
Where: Victoria Island, Lagos (specific location to be disclosed soon)

How you can help make this amazing:
1) Show up! EVERYONE can move their body.
2) Learn the steps! (it will be posted soon)
3) Spread word to anyone and everyone.
4) If you know any dance group help them get in contact with us! 08053326844


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Cheap Romance…

Happy New year people, it is my first post of the year and I am excited about the possibilities this year has to bring. With all the events of the past 2 weeks, “Cheap Romance” is the only thing I can think of right now. Virgonova is a brand that will be associated with effectiveness be it fashion, wedding planning, proposals and what have you, so why not romance?

GEJ has promised Nigerians a year of hardship, and I can see this year will also be the year when guys will search their pockets before they search their hearts. Now the question is why? Most Nigerian guys and men, would rather impress a girl with the size of their pockets, cars and houses than impress them with the size of their hearts and if the pocket or house is big enough, then they believe that they have done enough. This has been the case for so long that girls/women (maybe they are the ones that started it) have begun to believe it as well. Nigerian women believe that what makes a man, a man is his ability to provide for his woman, but then I believe the chief skill of a man, should be his ability to love his woman. That aside….

As pockets get shortened, men will be looking for shortcuts, men will lower their standards, they will sharpen their lyrics as well just to be able to get closer with various women. Women on the other hand will become more picky, love more carefully and take less crap. What is the solution, you ask? I say cheap romance. Farmers, tailors, industry workers, drivers, security men have been marrying for ages and have been quite happy. Why not take lessons from them?

  1. Shun the pricy restaurants: a well cooked home meal will get you more girls than a pricy restaurant ever would. It gives you a chance to show off your culinary skills and how well you can care for your woman.
  2. Spend more time getting to know each other: Remember those days when you were younger? When you used to sit in the car and talk for hours to get to know each other, bring back those times. Last year all everyone did was pick up to take to the beach, to club, to parties, to shows and to church. Our parents took long walks and had long talks, before having steamy sex. Race and rewind people.
  3. Abstinence: The real reason for abstaining before marriage is so you can do Number 2 above. Hot sex distracts you from everything else, from  common sense to the person’s flaws. Keep your pants on, keep your reason. Feel free to call me old fashioned.

While people might want to argue otherwise, nothing is more romantic than having her smile and wink at me when we are out and understanding and knowing that it means she is going to blow my mind tonight.. Oh wait, she just did.

Catch you all next week #OccupyNigeria willing.

Single Nigerian Man

I should get a camera, there are pictures I need, that the internet cannot provide.

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Compliments of the Season

We have been blessed by your patronage and constant support!!

This is wishing all our existing and potential clients a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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Romance: The First Kiss

Now I have heard many stories of how awesome the first kiss should be. I am sure you have too, all the high school movies, M&B and all the other novels and magazines all say about the same thing. Tje perfect setting, after an awesome date, on the porch, after he wows you with a gift, it usually involves lips locking, eyes closing to experience that intense feeling, in some movies, the lady lifts one leg up in ecstasy, etc. That people is what they would want us to believe is the first kiss.

I am no expert, I do not have loads of experience, but I have had different first kisses and here and right now I can tell you this… All of the above is in simple english “crap”. Now regardless of how perfect you think the settings may be, here are some very useful tips that you may or may not need to make that kiss one to remember.

Fresh Breath: Nothing, I repeat nothing spoils a first kiss as much as bad breath. I mean that might be the first and only impression he/she may ever have of you, so why spoil it? The taste of your lips, the intensity of the kiss are thoughts that will be in his/her head after the kiss. Those come before the quality of the kiss. So if you must be remembered, let it be because it was sweet.

Intensity: Now if you are about to have your first kiss (if it is not a one night stand and you are not a ho) then you will most likely have some jitters, take a deep breath, let it flow. Advice, start with a taste, don’t attack them lips like they need to be conquered. A kiss is like a conversation, you start with the introduction and then you really get to know them.

Quality: Now some people never learn, they think shoving the tongue down the throat is the best way to go about kissing, but that is not I am on about today. Over the years I have realised one thing, the quality of a kiss can be determined by the unwillingness of both parties to want it to end.. The term “a kiss that goes for ages” comes to mind here (smiling). However it is very important to note that there are two kinds of kissers, the active ones(these people want to do all the work) and the passive ones(who would rather sit back, relax and let you roam). Woe unto you if both of you are passive kissers, because that first kiss will be the among the top 5 dullest moment of your life. It is almost as bad if you both of you feel you have to lead, because you will have what I have termed “that annoying moment” the one where both your teeth clash together in that bid to explore or in that bit of excitement where you both want to rush it.

All I saying in summary is this. Take it slow, take it easy, make it last because truly you may never ever have another. Focus on the kiss and nothing after. Lips locked together is all you need to think, feel or see. For the man, forget the sex, forget the breasts. For the woman, forget the thoughts of him seeing you naked, or the thought of what he look shirtless and just kiss.

Kiss her like it’s the first time, for the last time, every single time

That is what I say to myself, truly sorry, I cannot speak for females at this moment. For me, the kiss is the most important part of everything, it is your introduction.

Till next week then… 


Single Nigerian Man

All of the above is written based on my experiences. But if you want expert opinion then feel free to visit the link below

Ask Men: Top 10: Secrets To A Great First Kiss

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MERRY CHRISTMAS From Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi!!!

Nigeria’s top couturier and designer, Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi has blessed us all with beautiful gifts just in time for Christmas, with her new collection created using fabrics exclusively from Vlisco‘s recent Delicate Shades collection. The look book has been provided for you! The collection is available at Temple Muse.

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12 Days of Christmas

December is the peak of proposal season.  Must be something about the cold weather or the mellow feeling of love in the air, that makes people eager to pop the question.

The holidays are a time to show those that you love just how much you care – and because your sweetheart is The One, you want to show her the ultimate declaration of love by proposing! Christmas is a magical season for marriage proposals, since the perfect engagement ring is the ultimate gift for that special woman in your life (Awww…)

We want to make sure that you have the perfect proposal, so check out our proposal advice below.  When proposing in December:

  • Select the perfect time to propose. It could be on Christmas eve or on Christmas day itself.
  • Keep it original
  • Keep it intimate. It is true though that some women adore the excitement and attention that she’ll receive from a public proposal, while other women might appreciate a more intimate and private marriage proposal.

Romance Tip:

  • Make your own advent calendar.  For those of you who don’t know, an advent calendar is a Christmas countdown calendar.  It usually has windows that you open to reveal something inside.  Design it so that when the receiver opens it, there is a different reason why you love them in each window (We bet you he/ she would love it!)  Have a different reason for each day prior to Christmas.

    For the man who wants to make the grand gesture, why not spell out “Will You Marry Me?” in lights on the side of your house? Your sweetheart will absolutely love your creativity – and you’re sure to get a few appreciative comments from passers-by!

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Romance: On Roses and Things…

Having been exposed to a lot of romance as a kid (out of curiosity) there are many things I do not think much about. I just do them. However I have realised that many of my counterparts here in Nigeria do not think like me and do think that I am weird for doing some things.

The other day, I was trying to purchase flowers online to send to a dear friend of mine when a colleague walked in. He looked at what I was doing and I could actually see the shock on his face. He couldn’t wrap his head around the need to give flowers to a lady, talkless of buying them online to send to a lady. After like 5minutes, I gave up trying to explain. He would not understand.

Having said this, I need to ask, what is it with Nigerian men and their inability to do or say nice things to women without an end result. It is so bad that I can’t even pay a compliment to a lady without thinking there is something behind it. You can’t be friendly to a lady without her getting all defensive. However the same ladies(some of them) would open their legs at the bare whisper of promises of things to come when a wealthy looking (emphasis on looking) man showers his attention on them.

I am not calling anyone a gold digger, but then how do you spend your time scorning young men who want to love you for older men who just want to use you and are willing to pay for it? Then you get a little bit older and all of a sudden you want the same men who you scorned earlier to come back and do the same things you refused them for?

Our society, sadly, does not encourage romance so it is rather refreshing when I see sparks of it here and there.

  • A man ready to serenade his lady to sleep, not to sleep with.
  • A man sending roses to a lady to brighten her day, not for sex all through the night.
  • A man making a playlist of songs, each with a message to tell his lady how special she is, not a playlist for lovemaking all through the night.
  • A man making a marriage proposal to his lady making it all about them and not to wow her friends and relations.

I believe they till exist, I want to believe I am one of them. Society has made its mark on me, but it hasn’t spoilt my belief in this thing called Romance.

Till next week.


Single Nigerian Man

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In Search for Romance: The first date

Meet Tutu a 25 year old lady from one of Nigeria’s oldes t universities. She was a beautiful young lady who had everything a man could desire. The lips, the hips, well rounded features to match; she is a looker, by any man’s standards. No matter who or where they are in society.

Having been brought up fully exposed, Tutu was a lady who knew exactly what she wanted. She was searching for romance in a relationship and in all the men she had met and the few she had dated, she had not seen what she was looking for. She told me about it this morning, every last detail about how this one guy rocked her world the night before. I wondered if this was the same lady I had known and worked with for the last couple of years, I am still wondering.

She met Gimba, a young aspiring professional making his way in the banking industry. She took him to be like every other guy she had met. This week he was different; each morning he sent a poem to her, either hand written or in a text or in a mail. The day before yesterday he sent her flowers. Nothing was different from what other guys had done, until she realised that each poem contained a message specially for her. Yesterday he asked her to have dinner with him. He offered to pick her up and take her home to prepare, change and dress up. He showed up dressed splendidly in a suit and she was shocked, because she wasn’t in any way prepared for that. After she took her bath, she came out and saw an evening gown laid out on her bed, she tried it out and it fit perfectly, surprise again.

Gimba gave Tutu an evening that was all about her, no innuendos, no staring at her breasts, compliments were truly meant for her and her alone, the flowers were not sent to make her spread her legs. Neither were there hints of sex nor anything sexual that night. Do I need to tell you that they had sex that night? Looking at Tutu all flustered and all, she opened her mouth and gave me a shocker, that she had decided to see how it goes with Gimba. That, people would be like actually finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Lesson learnt? Make her feel like she is all that matters in the world, make her feel like she is your world, it will surprise you the number of doors that can be opened (no pun intended).

See ya next week,

Single Nigerian Man

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The Virgonova Club


In line with our strong desire to provide you with tailored services to suit your romantic needs, we have come up with a package specially for you.

We would like to invite you to the Virgonova club where we offer you exclusive membership that affords you the luxury of always being on top of your game with your partner.

As a member, you will have access to our Romance Consulting services available to you 24/7. We will provide you with unlimited planning for the length of your annual membership. We will be by your side providing you with proactive suggestions for romance and keeping you aware of important dates coming up so that you will never miss anything and your partner will know you care.

We work so that you barely ever have to lift a finger. Experience true luxury by having our Exclusive Membership take care of the details for you.  Contact Virgonova to for more details and to be a part of our Exclusive Membership .

Mobile: +234 805 332 6844


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Romance: The Introduction

Some like it hot, some like it cold,
Some like it in the pot nine days old.
Some like flowers, some like diamonds,
Others like dinners n fancy restaurants

If you remember that rhyme from your time as a kid, then you will notice the addition I made underneath. If you are above 11 and you are reading this article, then there is no need defining what romance is. For those of you that don’t know, here it is.

 “Romance is that piece of fiction, peddled by jewellers, florists and some notable dignitaries around the world which states that you must perform a series of activities to be deemed romantic”

These activities include but are not restricted to fireplaces, expensive restaurants and dinners, weekends away, flowers and shiny things and many, many ladies subscribe to this. No wonder many Nigerian men want to have no part with it. Why you ask? No normal thinking average Nigerian man will want to perform all of the above activities if he is not sure of what the end result will be, but that is during the chase. Why does romance die after marriage you ask. I strongly believe also that after all the effort the average Nigerian man put in during the chase, he sees no reason to keep up the appearances after the target is acquired. Man starts slacking, woman starts vexing and “things start to fall apart”.
Now I hear you ask, what is the solution?

Firstly, I am no expert, but I am a romantic to a fault. As a man, i believe romance has nothing to do with florists, shiny things or restaurants, I do believe however that true romance involves making a woman believe for a prolonged period of time that she is all that matters to you in the world. If flowers help keep up that impression then fine, if the shiny things and good food help then throw it in as well. Weekend off sure, she is all that matters innit? Do this and I can assure you pants and bras will drop for you constantly. Women crave attention and if they believe they are getting all of it from a guy that remotely attracted to then GOOD!

Secondly dear woman, make him believe you are totally worth it. Why should he give you all the attention in the world if he thinks he can get you easily? That applies to the chase. After the marriage or during the relationship, show him you are worth it with actions and not words and it will surprise you how many things you will get just because you are constantly on his mind.

Regardless of how you like it; hot, cold or nine days old, if you are getting it with at least 70% attention and focus, then I believe you truly have romance in your live. By focus I mean focus on you as a person, not your C cups, your beautiful lips, hips or the well rounded provocation that is your bum. I am not talking of the wonders you can do with your lips or the wonder you are in bed. I am talking about you.

Actions speak louder than words, motives are largely silent.


Single Nigerian Man.

Oh yes, before I forget, a big shout out to M&B and all the other nonsense that enocurage all of the above in life.

For weekly posts on Romance from a man’s perspective do visit every Friday. For more posts from me, do visit my blog at Single Nigerian.

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